Our Addition Jam!

I'm happy to see that my blog is still up and running after an 11 month leave of absence. I'm embarrassed! What better way to pick back up than with this fun jam I created to help my students learn addition?! Check it out!

It was inspired by the song, "24k Magic," but I used an instrumental version that I found on iTunes.

It goes a little something like this...

Pop pop just show me, show me
Show me how to add
Oh you don't know?
Oh you don't know?
Let me show you how to add.
You take one group, you take one more
Now you combine them
What do you get?
What do you get?
You get the total of two groups.

Put your number in a ten frame, MOVE!
What y'all tryin' to do?
Put two sets together and then adddd
add, add, add
add, add, add

I always make up the movement with my kiddoes so they're more meaningful. :)

My kids had SO MUCH FUN with this! Definitely keep your eyes and ears open for our come back with subtraction. ;)