My Teachers Pay Teachers Grand Opening

I am so SO so SO so excited to announce that I have officially become a teacherpreneur! My Teachers Pay Teachers store is up and running with just a couple basic FREE documents. Yay! This has been a goal of mine for so very long and I am very excited to be making it happen.

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Here's a run down of the beginning items you'll find in my store. You can click the pictures to take you to the download.

The first product is a basic pack of student information sheets, parent information sheets, and reminder bracelets for back to school. They are all black line so they can be copied however you'd like.

The second product is all about making connections after reading. This is something I've noticed my students struggling with during DRAs. They weren't quite able to verbalize their connections to me, but I knew they could make them. Just because they can't articulate it, doesn't mean that they can't do it. I realized that I was skipping a step. When students write, we consider drawing an essential pre-writing strategy in kindergarten, so maybe reading comprehension requires the same strategy. I thought I would try adding this step, providing students with the visual representation of a thought bubble to illustrate their connection.

I found that it helped students that were not ready to articulate their connection, giving them an outlet to express it, and showing me that they could do it.

It helped the students that were ready to articulate connections by allowing them to take their connection a step further and think of connections to other texts and the world as well.

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