Tap tap...is this thing on?

Well I've done it! I've started a blog dedicated to teaching. I've been teasing myself with the idea for a while now. Then I made the blog and got completely overwhelmed with figuring out where to begin. Naturally I pulled out the old teacher excuse and blamed it on the busy school year, and vowed to start it over the summer when I had more time. Students have their excuses, and I know we've heard them all. Whether or not we realize it, teachers make excuses too. Though I'd like to think they're slightly more believable than some of those that we get. I'm guilty as charged. The school year is always "too busy" to start a new hobby. I'll start everything in the summer when I have more time. BTW my summer doesn't start for two more weeks so I'm ahead of the game, wahoo! The truth is, and I believe in this immensely, you will make time for anything you truly want to make time for. I have found that to be true in various aspects of my life. I'm sure there will be times when I am too overwhelmed to blog, but I'm looking forward to making time to share my ideas and opening up my kindergarten world to all!

To me this feels like a really awkward time of year to be starting a blog. After all, as teachers our lives are completely based around an August-June calendar. I'm trying not to let myself get caught up in that with this blog. I've decided that it's actually a great time to start. The end of the school year provides an opportunity for reflection on what things rocked in my classroom and what things I'm looking to change next year. So I'll spend some time doing that here!

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