Crazy for Crayons

So as I began cleaning out my classroom today, I came across one thing from my classroom this year that was definitely a GLOW. I will do this for years to come, I swear! It's all about crayon storage, people. Crayon storage at tables is easy, but what do you do all those times you're working on the rug? I wanted something that was quick, simple to clean up, organized and stored easily. That's when I stumbled across this post from Teach it With Class:

This post was exactly the idea I needed! I searched for weeks and could not find any storage containers that were exactly the right size. I wanted something that perfectly fit a 24 count box of crayons and still fit into a storage bin.

I checked Target-nope.
I checked WalMart-nope.
I checked the Dollar Tree-nope.
I check numerous grocery stores-nope.
FINALLY, when I had all but given up hope...I found them at Farm Fresh (a local grocery store here in VA). The cute circle designs were an added bonus.

So I put some labels on them. Now the students know that this is their box of crayons, so it's their responsibility to take care of them.

Then I put them in storage bins that coordinate to their table colors so students can go grab them one-by-one or grab the whole bin for their table.

These will be some of the last things I put away for the year because they are just so handy!

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