Behavior Management

How I manage behavior in my classroom is ever-changing. I like to have a balance of behavior systems that are consistent that the students know well, and new things that keep them interested.

I aim to have three levels of behavior management in place in my classroom.
1. Whole Class
2. Team/Table
3. Individual

Whole Class

I love whole class behavior management systems because it gives students the chance to all be on the same team and work towards one common goal. They don't get to do this enough!

One of the systems I use for whole class behavior management are brownie points (pictured above). Students earn brownie points for various reasons-mostly receiving compliments from other teachers or visitors. I found that product here.

When the brownie pan is full, I let students vote on what reward they would like-usually a popcorn party!


Table behavior management works to foster positive relationships among each group. Again, they work toward a common goal, but it also provides some friendly competition between tables.

For team and table management, I use the piggy banks in the picture above. Each one is colored to match the tables. Each piggy bank has a magnetic strip across it. That allows me to stick these magnetic coins to them. The first team that earns 10 cents, gets to have LUNCH BUNCH-lunch with the teacher, our favorite. :) 

I love this because it incorporates one of our most difficult objectives into our daily routine and makes it meaningful to the students. They practice identifying coins and their values, understanding how to exchange a group of coins for one coin with the same value, and how to count a set of coins. When they have mastered up to 10 cents, I may even challenge them with 15 cents.


My individual behavior system is a simple color chart. 

I have many other behavior management tidbits that I'll be sharing in the future. For now though, let me share my adorable School Box find from this weekend.

The only thing better than a hand pointer, is a paw pointer!

I'll leave you with that for today. :)

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